Work for us

Headquartered in the city of London, we are positioned in the best financial hub in the world. We are unique in the city in as much as our own employee make-up is extremely diverse. Half of our board is female, and we also proud that half of the board falls in the BAME category. This is something we try to ensure is replicated throughout the whole of Maze.

We are committed to upholding the highest values in recruitment and supporting our local communities. One of our key commitments is our innovative youth employability scheme which sees us deliver many apprenticeships and work experience programmes over the year.   In addition, we encourage our people to develop their own abilities and find additional accomplishment by going to training courses and seminars.

We have been successfully trading for over 16 years in the financial services sector and we are proud to say that our impressive reputation has been born from a professional approach to recruitment and an unrivalled team of specialist consultants. We are therefore always seeking for more specialist consultants to join our team at Maze to share our passion in providing successful recruitment solutions for the financial services industry.

For more information, please speak to Marie Farrell confidentially.