We understand that our clients have a need for true representation and diversity within their employee base. Financial services is meritocratic industry, therefore we have a duty to ensure that clients are presented with a wide selection of qualified individuals.

We are unique in the city in as much as our own employee make-up is extremely diverse. Half of our board is female, and we are also proud that half of the board falls into the BAME category. This is something we try to ensure is replicated throughout the whole of Maze. By being truly representative and diverse ourselves, we have the ability to proactively try new marketing techniques, reach beyond traditional networks and act as an enabler to those trying to get into the industry from underrepresented groups.
In addition we attend a range of “women in” and LGBT initiatives designed to increase representation and diversity within the financial services sector.

Our policy mirrors that of our clients; i.e. it is an evolving set of commitments which we aim to deliver over a set period of time.
We are committed to upholding the highest values in recruitment and supporting our local communities. One of our key commitments is our innovative youth employability scheme which sees us deliver a number of internships, apprenticeships and work experience programmes over the year. In addition we encourage our people to develop their own abilities and find additional accomplishment by going to training courses and seminars.

We operate a low-carbon business. By using technology and public transport we have eliminated the need for excess travel. We have also reduced waste alongside our water and energy consumption.

Proud to support:
Platelet Charity and Maze